Couple Remodels Bath, Finds Hidden Message

A time capsule hidden behind the bathroom wall…that’s a fun surprise.  Think you’ll sell your home at some point in the future?  What sort of note would you leave behind?

A couple having their bathroom renovated shared a photo of a hilarious message from 1995 written by the previous owners.

Source: Couple remodeling bathroom finds funny hidden message from former owners

Smile For The Camera!

Technology no longer intimidates us.  We depend upon it – in our cars, our work spaces, and certainly in our homes. Video and audio surveillance are common security tools.   As a seller, what benefits can you visualize?   Would the use of such equipment change your behavior as a buyer, and if so, in what way?   Your feedback is important!

Showing Etiquette For Selling Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home, you’ve probably scrutinized it, staged it, and scrubbed it down as if the folks from Architectural Digest were stopping by for a cover shoot. OK, so it’s in immaculate shape — but your home isn’t the only thing under scrutiny here. You are, too. That’s right: No matter how nice your home is, your behavior can also affect how buyers feel about making an offer.

Below are seven etiquette rules sellers should follow to show their home — and themselves — in the best possible light.

Leave — Sure, you’re dying to know if prospective buyers will love what you’ve done with the kitchen, but Realtors agree sellers should not be there lurking in the shadows during an open house or showing.

Take your pets with you — You may think your dog is the cutest ever, but not everyone is bound to share that opinion. In addition to having allergies, some home shoppers may not be in the market for a run-in with an animal they don’t know.   Continue reading Showing Etiquette For Selling Your Home

View The Mediterranean From Your Balcony In Barcelona!


On the beach in Barcelona!  Plan now for July 2019 – spend a day in Pampalona running with the bulls, afterwards tour Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical architecture, including Casa BatllóLa Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell.  Grab lunch at the Boqueria Market then relax on your personal balcony with a cool cerveza in hand, all the while enjoying a picturesque view of the Mediterranean.

This fantastic property is on a beachfront location and features fantastic views, towards the Mediterranean Sea as well as towards Cordilla Litoral, and is situated in the Barcelona region –

Follow the link below to see more!

Source: FANTASTIC BEACHFRONT PROPERTY | Spain Luxury Homes | Mansions For Sale | Luxury Portfolio

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