Here’s the drill!


Simple but pretty!

I’m lousy at carving pumpkins. The inside is smelly, slimy and sticky. The thick shell combined with my knife skills are a hazard to my health. But I found a solution!

Tools of torture – in addition to the drills and dremels

Thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and a collection of drills and dremels in our household, I safely created these pumpkin lanterns for our booth at the local community market! Yayyy!

Here’s what I learned from my experience. Use white chalk to draw your design on. Marker is hard to remove and pencil leaves indentations. Dry erase may work but I can’t attest to it.

The before picture.

Clean out the inside first. Your drill bits won’t get so gunky, but be careful with the amount of pressure you apply if your holes are very close together. Cracking the shell is a huge frustration when you’ve almost completed the project. Cover the work surface and surrounding splash zone with plastic, paper, or old towels.

Glow sticks – much safer!

Allow sufficient time. I was under the impression this was a fast and easy endeavour. Not true. I spent over an hour on the first pumpkin and close to that on the remaining two – and my designs were very simple!

After the clean up.

After the drilling and excavation part of your work, wash your lantern with dish soap and warm water, do a second wash in a tablespoon of bleach and water, rinse well. Pat dry and place upside down on towels to drain.

You’re ready to light up the night!

Love the soft pumpkin glow!

They’re adorable with glow sticks nestled inside – no candle related fire required!! Yolanda and I raffled these off to new homes where I know they’ll light up the night with fun.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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