The Reality of Ripples

Imagine waking one morning in a fabulous mood, feeling like sunshine on the inside.  You get dressed, grab a piece of toast, dash out the front door and you’re anticipating a splendid day.  You get to the curb, stand there, wait for the light to change, hum a little off-key tune.  You hold your face up to be kissed by the sun,

but…no…a car goes by, hits the only puddle in town and splashes you head to toe with oily, muddy slime. 

You glance up just in time to see the driver’s face and she doesn’t appear remorseful or even surprised.  No, her face looks like a storm cloud, and the look she gives you is one of fury, daring you to suggest she’s at fault. 

What do you think would happen to your sunny disposition?  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be the least bit disgruntled.  You have a dress that’s ruined and you’re now delayed because you’ll have to go home and start the day over. 

Ripples, my friend.  Her ripples just tossed your happy mood overboard.  And you didn’t even know her, didn’t even speak to her.  All you know about her is that she’s very angry. You have to literally shake off the anger before it envelopes you too. It takes effort.

I want to create ripples that make people smile.  Own the day my friend. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Oh, and by the way, know anyone who’s thinking of buying or selling a house? I am a Realtor, ya know.

Your thoughts?

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